LCD Module 1602, Black on Green with Backlight

Price: $15.00

UPC: 738435190705


  • 16x2 Character LCD module based on the HD44780 controller.
  • Black characters on green background with backlight.
  • Comes with 16-pin headers, a diode and a variable resistor for your peace of mind.
  • Works great with Arduino.
  • Also good for electronic experiments and projects.
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Product Description

This 16x2 LCD module is based on the commonly-used HD44780 controller. It's easy to connect and program. One 16-pin female header, one 16-pin male-male header, a diode and a variable resistor is provided to help you make connections.

Technical details: 2 rows, 16 characters each. Supply voltage: 5 volts. Color: Black on Green with backlight.

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